SOUL Sanctuary

It was such a pleasure to meet and spend time with each of you and I wanted to let you know that I keep your spirits with me as I bounce around the country!  I returned home late Sunday May 1, getting news about Bin Laden on the plane, and trying to sit with the uncomfortable feeling I got as everyone applauded. Much of our coming together felt like a time for deep rest, and also a time for renewal and for considering other ways of moving through and working in the world to achieve change, so the contrast that evening was quite stark…and an oddly perfect re-introduction to our default culture. ~Odin Zackman, Founder, DIG IN

Social change practitioners committed to making the world a just and peaceful place are often limited by patterns of overwork and exhaustion. Many people are seeking a way of living that nourishes the mind, body and soul as it nurtures the world. Because we believe in the transformational power of retreat in the context of shared social justice values, stone circles offers SOUL Sanctuary, a five-day refuge program for agents of progressive change, four to five times per year at no charge.  Since June 2008, we have welcomed over 100 participants for for:

  • rest, fellowship & community
  • daily opportunities for meditation and yoga
  • time in the garden, art studio, and on the land
  • home-cooked, locally grown food

SOUL Sanctuary is a lightly structured retreat where particpants can choose to follow the schedule or listen more deeply to their own needs to rest, read, write, or reflect in a way that is meaningful for them. To keep in alignment with our own social justice priorities, each SOUL Sanctuary retreat is comprised of at least 50% people of color. The program is offered at no cost all to participants. We invite everyone who attends to make a contribution to The Stone House that is meaningful for them.



Anike Robinson, a public school teacher in Washington, DC, said the following of her time in the SOUL Sanctuary: I did not come here quietly. I talked all the way from DC to North Carolina. I talked first in the opening circle and the teacher in me wanted to fill the silence if only with my voice. But I listened. I felt the presence of those around me and it felt like home but better, more socially aware. The novice artist in me has been dormant but there was a room waiting, the smell of paint baiting me and so I had to honor the time and space. Although I cannot take The Stone House with me I have decided to leave something behind me: “Come closer, if only to see me,” said The Stone House. I have seen It, heard It, felt It, and this nameless IT is like the Tao, a well that will never run dry.

2014 SOUL Sanctuary retreats:

April 16-20
June 25-29
August 27-31 (for artist-activists)
December 3-7

Please contact us with any questions.

Download the SOUL Sanctuary application here or fill out the nomination form to recommend a friend or colleague.







We give great thanks and praise to the folks and foundations helping to support SOUL Sanctuary: AEPOCH Community Healing Fund, Ervin Lee Brisbon Fund, the Fund for Democratic Communities and the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation.