why “The Stone House”?

Stonehouse was a 14th Century Chinese hermit poet who spent twenty years in living in a secluded mountain hut before being assigned to serve as abbot of Fuyuan Temple near present day Hangzhou. Worn out by the responsibilities after 8 years, he eventually moved back to his mountain home where he compiled his poetry and lived the remainder of his life. Over the years of our work and responsibility, we have found his poetry to be an inspiring expression of the importance of the contemplative life.While we do not seek to emulate his hermetic life here at The Stone House, we want to always be reminded of the primacy of solitude, contemplation, and peace in our efforts to cultivate of a better world.

Some Stonehouse Poems

I built my hut on Redcloud Peak

ploughing and hoeing make up my day

half-a-dozen terraced fields

two or three men of the Way

I made a pond for the moon

and sell wood to buy grain

an old man with few schemes

I’ve told you all about me

It’s something no on can force

besides knowing it’s there there’s nothing to know

the moon shines bright above the flowering plum

but who can look past the blossoms

Perfect emptiness is a transparent sea

where the faintest breath makes foam

as soon as we have a body

we have worries about food and clothes

runaway racehorse perceptions

uncaged monkey delusions

until you understand The Lord of Emptiness

the Wheel of Rebirth rolls on

The Three Little Pigs

Of course, we are also inspired by the story of the 3 little pigs. While the wolf was easily able to blow down the straw and wooden houses, he was unable to blow down the house made of stone. May it be so with The Stone House!